What are the benefits of a mini-split?

  • Efficient & Easy: Mini-splits are MUCH more energy efficient than a standard heating and air system and window AC unit.  There is no additional ductwork needed, as a majority of mini-split options are ductless.
  • Complete Control: You are able to control certain spaces or rooms at a customized temperature by the use of sensors, remotes, and timers.
  • A Smart Upgrade: Traditional systems loose air as they are pushing it through the ductworks.  Mini-splits are ductless, which means they will save you energy and money!
  • The Silent Treatment: Fujitsu has created these mini-splits to be quiet.  This allows for peace and relaxation inside your home.

On the fence about installing a mini-split?

  • The main difference between a mini-split and standard heating and air system is that the mini-splits have little-to-no ductwork.  Ductwork can be expensive and complicated at times, which is why mini splits are a great alternative! 
  • Mini-split systems also allow you to control the temperature in specific rooms or individual spaces.
  • They are also a great alternative to rooms that ductwork cannot be added in, or New Construction Homes that are more energy efficient!

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